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Look for the two blue hearts

This site is designed to assist you in identifying Tier 1 physicians for 2019. To determine if a physician is a Tier 1 provider in 2019 you will need to look for the two blue hearts. The two blue hearts make it easy to determine if a physician is Tier 1.

Premium Care Physician

The physician in this example meets the criteria for providing quality and cost-efficient care.

If a doctor does not have a Premium designation, it does not mean he or she provides a lower standard of care. It could mean that the data available to us was not sufficient to include the doctor in the program. All doctors who are part of the UnitedHealthcare network must meet our credentialing requirements (separate from the Premium program).

Screen capture showing location of the hearts indicator, which is located within the provider details panel

How to find Tier 1 Physicians

Step 2:
Find a Provider

Click "Find a Provider"

Step 3:
Look for the two blue hearts

Two blue hearts means the doctor will be a Tier 1 provider at the start of the new year.